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    IVE (Haking Wong) provides advanced facilities to encourage interactive teaching and learning. Well-equipped workshops and laboratories are designed to simulate real-life work environments and cater for practical training needs of students from different disciplines.

    Our cozy campus environment encourages interactive learning and teaching.

    Retail Lab is installed with the most advanced retail equipment and teaching facilities to provide training in different retail sectors – Beauty Care, Fashion & Accessories, Watch & Jewellery, and Supermarket.

    Retail Place is a simulated retail shop for practical training in retail management.

    The computer laboratories are equipped with advanced softwares and applications.

    Students put theories into practice in workshops such as the Electrical Power & Machine Laboratory.

    Students attend practical training sessions in the training restaurants and kitchens.

    A wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities including a tennis court, a fitness room and a basketball court are available to students.