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    Student Bodies

    IMMIX Buddy Group

    IMMIX Buddy, composed of members from different cultural backgrounds, actively promotes cultural diversity and harmony on campus.



    IVElite is an outcome-based student development programme which aims at enhancing learning and self-development through engagement, teamwork, reflection and evaluation.


    Peer Counsellor Training Program

    The Programme equips students with necessary communication and counselling skills so that they can help fellow students. These Peer Counsellors also assist the Student Counsellors to promote their services on campus, organize activities, and participate in community services.


    Wofoo Leaders’Network (WLN)

    Wofoo Leaders’ Network (WLN) is established in different tertiary institutions to provide leadership training to students.

    Given the opportunities to organise and promote various kinds of activities, members offer their service to the community and gain valuable exposures, which prepare them to become future leaders of society.


    Road to Marathon

    “Road to Marathon” allows students to stretch and challenge themselves through diligent training in long-distance running. Students who have completed the training would be sponsored to join a marathon or a long-distance running race.



    “VCare” aims at cultivating students’ citizenship and care for society. A series of workshops is organised to help students formulate their project plans and organise services for the needy in the community.


    Speak for Success

    “Speak for Success” is a structured training project to enhance students’ communication, presentation and public speaking skills. Students learn to become confident and effective speakers with guidance from the tutors and exchanges among students.