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    Academic Facilities Campus and Recreation Facilities

    Banking and Finance Professional Development Centre

    The Banking and Finance Professional Development Centre was established in 2014. The Centre is modelled after a premier banking centre, which provides a prestigious and relaxed environment for customers to process their transactions.Students are trained in this model office for responding to customers’ enquiry, handling counter transactions, introducing investment products, etc. Through role play and virtual operation of the counters, students are more equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for their career in the banking field.

    Human Resource Assessment Centre (HRAC)

    Human Resource Assessment Centre (HRAC), a simulative well-equipped centre for training students to identify and assess the attributes/competencies/personality traits of applicants and employees. The Centre provides an interactive environment which is conducive to training students as HR professionals to meet the manpower needs.

    Professional Accountancy Centre

    Professional Accountancy Centre provides the students with a simulating working environment for training in accounting, auditing, taxation and corporate administration etc. It equips the students with the calibre for their future development in the accountancy profession.

    Centre for Independent Language Learning (CILL)

    Well-facilitated, the CILL is an inviting place where students can enrich their language learning experience at their own pace and in their own style. It is also a pleasant and attractively decorated environment where students can attend workshops, play board games, watch movies, read magazines and chat with the native-speaking English Project Coordinators from the Chatteris Educational Foundation.

    Language Laboratory

    The audio and video teaching packages are available at the language laboratories to provide student-centred activities on pronunciation, business communication and other specific language skills training.

    Learning Resources Centre

    Around 40,000 volumes of books, 280 study places and five discussion rooms are available for students in the Centre. Students can also make good use of a Library , a computer free-booking area and an Educational Technology Unit.

    Le Petit Atelier de Cuisine (with Outdoor Sundeck)

    Le Petit Atelier de Cuisine was first established in 2005 to accommodate the needs of several new lifestyle modules like modules concerning food and beverages. The first lifestyle module is “Coffee Making & Beverages Appreciation” where students can learn to appreciate coffee and cocktail as well with a chance to make their own beverages. Le Petit also serves as a multi-purposed room for teaching purposes, holding meeting and various students’ activities.

    Hall & Gymnasium

    Students can enjoy all kinds of events including seminars, film appreciation and sports activities in their leisure time.

    Fitness Centre

    The Fitness Centre occupies an area of 150 square-metres. It serves the purposes of conducting SWPD lessons, PE short courses, Fitness Club and Free Training. The Fitness Centre has plenty of fitness equipments which including cardio-training, weight training and free weight training equipments. Students can learn the knowledge of health & fitness through our courses and trainings. And therefore, they can cultivate the habit of lifelong exercise.