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    03 Nov 2016

    The VTC statement on Shine Skills Centre

    The Vocational Training Council (VTC) issued the following press statement today (3 November) regarding media reports about its member institution, Shine Skills Centre:
    After conducting a check on our records, we found that the case at issue was of a similar nature and content to the one that occurred in December 2013. At that time, Shine Skills Centre, a member institution of the VTC, immediately investigated the issue upon notification. Following the investigation, the accused staff workman admitted his misconduct. At the same time, the centre proactively followed up with the student through counselling support and a family visit. During the visit, the centre explained to the student and the parent the severity of the case, advising that it should not be tolerated and should be reported to the police. However, the student and the parent said that they only requested an apology from the staff workman concerned and that the case need not be reported to the police. The centre communicated with the law enforcing body on the issue. In the end, it was arranged that the staff workman concerned made an apology to the student. The staff workman resigned of his own accord and also received a serious written warning from the VTC.  
    The VTC is a responsible education institution and is committed to safeguarding the security and rights of our students. Any cases found related to criminal offences will be referred to the law enforcing body under normal circumstances, while respecting the willingness of students and their parents.  
    In conclusion, the Council decided not to report the case to the police in order to consider the conscious wishes of the student and parent concerned and protect the privacy of the student.

    Media enquiries: 2836 1046