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    17 Sep 2018

    Most VTC member institutions to resume classes tomorrow

    VTC member institutions will resume classes tomorrow (18 September 2018), except for Shine Skills Centre with class suspension tomorrow.

    Following the gradual easing of the hurricane away from Hong Kong, VTC member institutions are actively undertaking clearance work. After consideration of the situation of campuses, the VTC announces all classes of VTC member institutions to resume normal tomorrow, with the exception of those of Shine Skills Centre.

    The member institutions and school which resume class tomorrow include the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi), the Institute of Professional Education And Knowledge (PEAK), the School for Higher and Professional Education (SHAPE), the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), Hotel and Tourism Institute(HTI), Chinese Cuisine Institute (CCI), International Culinary Institute (ICI), Maritime Services Training Institute (MSTI), Youth College [including Youth College (International)], School of Business and Information Systems (SBI), Pro-Act by VTC, and Integrated Vocational Development Centre (IVDC).

    Should students or staff be unable to make their way to campuses on time as a result of traffic conditions or safety concerns, campus management should flexibly consider each case on its own merit.