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    Student Bodies



    Student bodies are supervised by SDO staff. Committee members provide activities and training to group members. All student bodies will recruit members from early September. For details, please contact the corresponding SDO staff.



    Drama Club

    The Drama Club provides drama training and opportunities for students to perform. It also aims at strengthening students’ teamwork and communication skills for personal growth and development in future.


    Green Fashion

    Green Fashion is formed by a group of students concerned with environmental protection and ecological conservation. The group promotes green culture, encourages green living and enhances environmental awareness among fellow students. Activities on green living, global ecological crisis, organic living and health issues are organized.


    IMMIX Buddy Group

    IMMIX Buddy Group is a group jointly formed by local and ethnic minority students on campus. Through organising and participating in interest groups and activities, members gain a valuable understanding of different cultures and build friendships with fellow students.



    IVElite is a student development programme which is designed using an Outcome-Based Education (OBE) approach to learning and development.

    It aims to produce learning in the process of executing student activities and to build up a study culture of OBE in our campuses. In addition, IVElite prepares students for career development and equip them with key attributes for employment.



    Peer Counsellor Training Programme

    The Programme equips students with necessary communication and counselling skills to become peer counsellors, so that they can help fellow students in need. Participants also help in the organization and promotion of counselling activities on campus. Peer counsellors experience personal growth in the process of serving others.


    Preparatory Training Programme For Disciplinary Forces

    The Programme is tailor-made for students interested in joining disciplinary forces after graduation. It provides a platform for students to get update information through site visits, career seminars and information sessions. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the disciplinary forces, hence plan and make appropriate decisions in career development.

    Set SMART Goals, EASY GO!


    The Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP)

    Supervised by the Physical Education Section, the AYP scheme encourages students to explore the world. The scheme involves 3 award levels and 5 sections of activities, namely service, skills, expedition, physical recreation and residential project. Participants have to complete the activity requirements at different award levels before their 25th birthday in order to obtain a particular award.

    For details, please refer to HKAYP Homepage (www.ayp.org.hk) or contact Mr. Au of PE Section.


    Wofoo Leaders’ Network (WLN)

    Wofoo Leaders’ Network (WLN) was established in different tertiary institutions to provide leadership training to students. Through planning and promoting meaningful activities, members offer their service to society and acquire leadership skills. They gain exposure outside the classroom and are equipped to become future leaders of society.