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    IVE Engineering Discipline


    As a member of the Vocational Training Council (VTC), the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) is the leading vocational and professional education provide in Hong Kong, committed to nurturing professionals valued by industries. There are 9 IVE campuses across the territory offering programmes of different levels and grouped under 7 academic disciplines. The Engineering Discipline is the largest of the seven academic disciplines within the IVE. It enrolls over 7,500 full-time students and more than 7,000 part-time students. The Discipline covers a wide spectrum of studies including construction, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical and building services engineering, and transportation. Supported by its strong industry network, state-of-the-art facilities, and highly qualified teaching team, the Discipline provides quality and professionally-oriented engineering programmes to secondary school leavers and industry practitioners. Apart from technical knowledge, the Discipline has always stressed the importance of practical experience. Through simulated workplace environments and/or work attachments, students and industry practitioners could equip themselves with professional knowledge and skills that they will need for career development and lifelong learning.


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    Four Main Areas of Studies



    This study area offers programme in civil engineering, building studies, surveying, architectural studies, environmental engineering, architectural technology and design. IVE’s learning environment includes laboratories, design and project studios, workshops and training centres. Graduates take up technical and supervisory position in the construction sector, such as Architectural and interior designers, Assistant engineers, Environmental officers, Project coordinators, Technical and survey officers and work supervisors.

    Electrical & Electronic Engineering

    This study area covers electrical engineering, computer and electronic engineering. Access to excellent laboratories and facilities such as the Wireless Technology Centre, Electrical Services and Energy Centre, the Keystone Cable Detection Training Centre, and Wireless and Media Technology Development Centre enrich the learning experience – so when graudation comes, students are ready to take up positions as Assistant engineeris, Technicians and Technical sales engineer.

    Mechanical & Building Services Engineering

    This study area offers programmes in mechanical engineering, building services engineering and testing and certification. IVE provides quality laboratories and facilities, such as Automation Centre, Smart Energy Laboratory, Testing and Calibration Centre to enhance the learning experience of students. Graduates enjoy a wealth of employment opportunities including assistant engineers, product designers, quality controllers, technical officers, technicians etc.


    This study area covers programmes in aviation, aircraft maintenance engineering, automotive engineering and maritime studies. IVE provides state-of-the art facilities including Simulated Airport Operations Centre, Full Mission Shiphandling Simulator Centre, Electronic Wheel Aligner, Aero-engine Thrust Reverser and VR/AR Learning Zone. Graduates can take up positions, including Airport operation technical positions, Assistant engineers, Aircraft maintenance technicians, Deck cadets and Technicians.