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    The mission of the Language Centre (Chai Wan) is:


      To develop quality language teaching and learning of English, Putonghua and Chinese Communication to meet students'
        vocational and academic needs
      To develop a supportive language learning environment to enhance students' acquisition of language and communication skills




    To achieve the objectives stated in our mission statement, the Language Centre (Chai Wan) is committed to the following:


    -- Teaching and Learning


    •    Creating a positive environment which values and fosters teachers' continuous professional development through reflective
        teaching, discussion of issues and sharing of good practices
    •    Adopting a student-centred approach which encourages students to make maximum use of the target language


    -- Language Learning Environment


      Creating opportunities for students to use the target languages
      Promoting language learning by exposing students to a variety of extra-curricular activities
      Providing a resource rich learning environment in the Learning Resource Centre/ Centre for Independent Language Learning